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Über die Arbeiten

My style is representational with expressionistic tendency and shows different levels of realism: imaginary motives like spatial abstractions or motives with surrealistic touch up to expressionistic portraits.
techniques: Acrylic colour as background stratum overpainted with oil colours on canvas or Watercolours.


The motives are sometime realistic (still lives) sometime more abstract like textures or graphic compositions. they can show surrealistic tendence. Favourite tool: soft pencil.
Portrait drawings are executed with rapidograph and India Ink in live sessions.

City Landscapes

Handdrawings were scanned and overdrawed in a vectorial graphic technique (Adobe Illustrator). The results are coloured pictures in a personnal style that reminds the style of comic pictures. The technical features of vercorial graphics allow prints in every sizes without loss of graphical quality and sharpness.
The graphics are principally available in 2 sizes, framed behind glas.
33 x 33 cm grafic size in 50 x 50 cm frame, 60 x 60 cm grafic size in 90 x 90 cm frame (Halbe)

Mural painting

My mural paintings are mostly trompe l’oeil or anamorphosis.


I readily take orders for portraits or mural paintings.